Cognitive Health Care

21 Mar, 2017 / Health Care By: Innovation Incubator

“Prevention is better than cure”, A single sentence with so much depth might never have been spoken before. Those suffering from ailments would surely grasp the intensity of the statement. Throughout time we have read the general preventive measures for each disease but the key word is ‘general’. Early identification of any symptom can help reduce the cost of treatment. A person’s lifestyle, preferences, needs, and medical specifics will indeed play a significant role in this. Healthcare providers have now started thinking outside the box. The positive changes that can be made by expert professionals become only possible if they have the patients’ complete data. This is only possible with the help cognitive computing and a close association with patients. For complete success, the machine needs to manage their daily medical activities. This procedure will improve chronic health conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure etc. The data gathering can be as simple as wearing a watch. The new age gadgets can easily keep a record of every vital and non-vital factor of the human body. Timely alerts for the intake of medicines raised blood pressure, dehydration etc will keep the patient in check. This will reduce the burden of health care professionals by a great margin as they can align and plan the necessary actions thereby reducing healthcare tremendously. The real time checkup thanks to cognitive computing and machine learning will in a way empower the citizens as well.