Machine Learning – The New Retailer

02 Dec, 2016 / Cognitive Computing By: Innovation Incubator

Retail has always been about dealing with huge volume of growing data that are ready to be scrutinized for real time insights to boost and speed up decision-making. Use of machine learning is quite invasive in the retail sector to deeply increase sales and customer engagement through the application of predictive analytics for right recommendations, predicting customer churn, lead and ad scoring, analyzing customer behavior etc. In addition, Machine learning algorithms can support pricing, inventory forecasting, cost reduction through specific KPIs learn from patterns to predict demand, automate decisions and deliver profitability.

Cognub has developed a machine learning platform to bring a significantly different approach for retail sector. Be it foreseeing customer churn or recommending the best marketing offer for a customer, the platform brings incredible accuracy and quality forecast of new advantages to operators, solving churn problems, reducing costs, and allocating suitable resources.

See how it works: