AI Lab

Innovation Incubator has been a center of excellence for Artificial Intelligence, since its founding. We have a solid AI Lab focussed across multitude of domains and use cases. Our expertise includes, but not limited to, the solutions listed below.

– Dialog Intelligence: Global & multi-complex context handing, emotion sentiment analysis, machine comprehension, FAQ-QA based on manuals and PDFs, Multi-channel integration capability. Prompt Engineering. Capture market sentiments as well as failed scenarios to continuously adapt and improve.
– Immersive AI: Multi-Class Object Detection, Human Pose Estimation with LSTMs & Reinforcement Learning on VR-Video Stream, 2D to 3D Transformation, GAN based Cloth Imposition
– Vision based AI: Driver Behavior Analysis, Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System, Sensor based analysis, Clinical Decision Support.
– Intelligent Document Processing: AI-based OCR, Document Classification, Intelligent Rotation & Edits, Real-time transaction processing.
– Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Automate a continuous process and workflow, Intelligent report fetch across desktop and web based legacy systems.
– Recommendation Engine: Cross-domain cross-platform AI Engine capable to predict customer behavior, product lineup, fashion trend or even the best channel for a marketing objective based on Collaborative and Content Filtering. Price Estimator Engine, Item mappings using unsupervised clustering.
– Data Extraction: Synthetic Data Generation of Text and Images, Data extraction from various sources using OpenCV, Google Tesseract and also custom models.
– Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP-Driven Clinical Diagnosis, Emotion Analysis, Payment Processsing using intelligent OCR, Patient decision support.

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We started as an UX studio in 2014 & continue to remain focused on UX even now. We are a small friendly team
doing BIG things. We believe in creating impactful designs for products and services. Honestly, we don’t even
consider this as ‘work’. It’s more of a thing we live by.

Strategy & Design

– Research : Personas & ethnography, Stakeholder workshops, User journeys, Competitive landscape, Heuristic
– Analysis : Competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, Insights, User behaviour, Patterns

Synthesis : Design vision, Design principles
– Interaction : Information architecture, Task flow, Interaction
design, Data model
– Interface : Paper prototype, Low/High fidelity, Interactive wireframes, Micro copy,
Micro interactions
– Information : User interface, Style guideline, Brand guideline, Asset library

Data Engineering Lab

Use IIH Data Factory, a globally-deployed data movement service in the cloud, to ingest data from multiple on-premises and cloud sources. Then, connect to on-premises sources with a data management gateway and use Data Factory to get your data where it needs to go. Prepare and partition your data as you ingest it or apply pre-processing steps.


– IIH Data factory can Compose and manage data services at scale
– Create, schedule and manage data pipelines
– Visualize data lineage
– Connect to on-premises and cloud data sources
– Monitor data pipeline health
– Automate cloud resource management


– Ingest and prepare
– Transform and analyse
– Publish and consume
– Monitor and manage

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Systems Engineering as a Service

SEaaS comprises a variety of services that span from AiOps,
DevOps, Platform Engineering and SecOps to SRE and MLOps.

Why is Systems Engineering Important?

Waste of time, money, materials, machine time, energy, and other resources can be reduced with the aid of system engineering. They come up with ways to improve procedures and systems for engineering, enhancing quality and output. Therefore, one may grasp the significance of system engineering service in industries from these fundamental criteria.

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Automated Marketing Service powered by AI

We combine state of the AI with sophisticated automation capabilities to give you full spectrum of marketing services. This will give you the edge required to build your product and brand. The services enable startups to build brands, manage reputation, create brand awareness. Through the MarTech accelerator, you would be able to do Autonomous Targeting, Autonomous Media Buying, Cross Channel Marketing, Review and Analyse your efforts and above all get insights into your whole operation. The service removes the complexities of modern marketing by performing many of the time-consuming, manual tasks which humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective consumer interactions

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Cognitive Fabric

Cognitive fabric will provide Dynamic Learning Models as a Service for building Apps, Cloud/Body Ware and immersive experiences with embedded human experts.

We have an unprecedented business and social opportunity to make a first of a kind global impact by empowering Kerala to become the Cognition Fabric hub. This will result in creation of 500k+ new jobs, 50k new entrepreneurs and a Trillion dollar business stream over the next 5 years.

The proposed 5 year plan requires Education, Startup, Social entrepreneurship and Ecosystem transformation to weave this fabric for Healthcare, Agriculture and Knowledge (IT BPO, Education, Service, Smart City). Core elements are a $100M Venture Capital Fund, Spaces infrastructure, Inculator to incubate and accelerate and a Cognitive Decision Institute governed by the Cognitive Fabric Mission Board, Technical and Business Advisory Board and an Advisory Council.

Powered by CogFab

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Invention Factory

Invention Factory is a pilot-as-a-service platform increases PoC possibilities within a thriving arena of measurable success. This levels the PoC playing field by democratizing access to enterprise decision makers and empowers vendors by simplifying the PoC lifecycle.


simple one-time setup and connection to our Invention Factory that requires no IT, enables access to hundreds of vendors and PoC opportunities.


Maximize results by evaluating several vendors simultaneously.


Easily workaround binding regulations and internal policies with external, secure, cloud-based testing environments.


Pre-populated testing environments that are an exact simulation of your production environment, automatically created through deep mirroring and include generated fake data and APIs with pre-instrumented business KPIs (per PoC category). No BTMs required.


Track each solution’s performance and scalability in relation to unique KPIs to predict how it will perform in real-time production.


Discover, communicate, test, evaluate and deploy solutions, across all verticals, from one place.

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