Take a Safe Drive

08 Feb, 2017 / Automotive By: Innovation Incubator

The road sign plays a significant role in facilitating driving in a remarkable way that’s safe for the vehicle motive force and alternative road users. The information given by the road signs captured as into colors and shapes for simple identification. Most of the road accidents attributes to either reduced attention of drivers or ignoring the road signs. The weather conditions like rain and fog also have been reported as a major cause for accidents. Therefore, the recognition of road signs would facilitate to scale back the quantity of traffic accidents and deaths. The development of road sign detection and recognition systems using image process technology can make sure that every driver is conscious of the principles and hazards on the road and can hopefully cut back the quantity of accidents and deaths.

Cognub is planning to introduce a Road Sign Recognition system using automated deduction and classification of traffic signs using cognitive computing powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The main aim is to provide safety support for the vehicle motive force with the ability to understand its neighborhood environment and also support them in predicting occurrences such as collision, alerting climatic & lighting conditions, etc.