What Can Good CHATBOT do for you?

21 Dec, 2020 / Blog Posts By: Ashiqe Azeez

A good bot makes for great customer service. They reduce agents’ workload, improve response times, and eliminate dreaded, scratchy, on-hold music. If you design your chatbots with these guidelines in mind, they have the potential to transform your support.

With the recent increase of users who messages business, there has been a spike in the number of chatbots used. here some features to look for when designing your chatbot:

1. Able to learn

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to repeat yourself to a bot over and over. If you tell a chatbot once that you live in New York, it now remembers this and other relevant information for future interactions using what’s known as progressive profiling.

2.Human touch

There should be more human and personal touch than any other usual app. You should fill it with your company’s personality, brand’s identity the chatbot message should depend on the input from the user. The Chatbot should be given a human touch in all sense

3. Personalized

Along with remembering things like a customer’s name and reason for seeking support, chatbots can show more empathy and adjust their language and tone based on context.

4. CX-first

Chatbots can prompt users with a menu of options, sometimes based on previous interactions. If the chatbot is unable to handle a complex request, it instantly escalates the issue to a human agent.

5. Accessible

Chatbot interfaces now must be equally accessible to all customers, regardless of language proficiency or any visual or hearing impairments. Bots should be able to read text aloud for the visually impaired, for example.

6. Secure

In the wake of recent data breaches, bots are more secure than ever. Many are now entirely transparent about what data they collect and what they use it for. Users often have the option to opt-out of data collection, if desired.

7. Omni-channel

Today’s chatbots can relay information across different support channels. 

8. Analytical

A good chatbot will be able to suggest and recommend products and services for a user based on current or previous interactions.